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How far should we trust zodiac signs for love advice?

I am an Aquarian guy and I fell so deeply for a Scorpio lady. However, I read that Scorpios-Aquarians relationship would never work. I am so scared of not winning the heart of this Scorpio lady or stay long with her in a relationship.

I actually believe in zodiac signs as they are in general quite true. I applied what was said about the signs and observed people around me. It seems pretty accurate.

Now I am defying what I believe in and trying to pursue her. My feelings for her are just too strong. I never felt like an Aquarian when I am with her. I am torn apart, confused and scared. Any advice?How far should we trust zodiac signs for love advice?
Do a chart comparison at www.astro.com

The free horoscope section will allow you to draw up a partnership chart, or try astroclick love.

Remember that more than your sun sign comes into play here.

There will be adjustments in any relationship, and the maturity of the two people involved will influence these interactions.

Can it work? Yes, if you both have an understanding of each other and you want to, you can make it work.

The comparison chart should serve as a guide to overcome any difficulties, not to be a yes/no answer.

Follow your heart.How far should we trust zodiac signs for love advice?
zodiac signs are bullshit. its all in your head and their little ';decisions'; or predictions just infiltrate your head and make you execute it.
Just go for it. Stop worrying about whether your zodiac signs are compatible and go with your heart.
Pssh. Those things are so general that they can be taken any way. I read them for fun but don't believe them.

I think that if you love this girl, go out with her and forget about the stupid zodiac. My horoscope said that I would start a passionate relationship with a Cancer one day, and we would end up happy, but you know what?


Those things aren't real. Who cares if she's a Scorpio and you're and Aquarian. If you truly love her, it won't matter.
Go with how you feel and see how the relationship develops. Ignore the star sign recommendations for now.
Sounds like you two WOULD be compaible actually, from my experience I am never too interested in someone unless yeah, we are pretty compatible!

I would recommend to you a site that goes


because in this site you can see if you truly Are compatible..and yes, if the relationship is likely to work. Don't be scared^^ you most likely are and will be very compatible, and this site will tell you you are, too, most likely, because otherwise why would you have been attracted if there was not something for you to learn from her and she from you, or at least for you to grow from the experience?

Take care. And try the site, don't be scared^^

If you would like to see more about compatibility, check my very first question. I also know of a pretty decent site that goes http://compatiblerelatinoships.com which will give you a ';soulmate rating'; pretty accurate, however in my opinion the information astrouch gives you is slightly better and gives you a much better picture of the relationship. What the site does is basically analyze the generla amount of good and bad indictaors for a successful relationship (loyalty, attraction, appreciation) etc and sums it all up in a little paragraph for you and tells you how you relate. Also provides a compat. percentage as a quantitative and visual indicator (useful cuz u can compare it to the percentage of the other birthdates you put in)

If you register it will give you some info about the individuals in the relationship, too. It starts out with the sun sign and goes into a little summary about the basic personality of the person based on their sun and moon sign together. It also gives you a summary on the personality of the person based on the makeup of each element in their chart...ex a lot of water, too little air, and compares it with yours.

Talks about how the elements in charts attribute to the relationship between one another and how the two of you are similar or different in regards to the makeup of your elements in ur separate birtch charts. At the end it provides a general statement about how elements of your sun signs usually relate.
Personally, i think that while the horoscops are alot of fun, they are so vague theat they could apply to any thing. You shouldn't let it control your life of make inportant disisions for you, such as a choice in your love life.
I also kind of believe in astrology BUT!

Dont make astrology out-riddles you, go seek ur opportunity as much as possible...just put zodiac inside a lil black box and forget it, otherwise it's not religion...

U know I have good word 4 you:

Zodiac is only a skeleton of faith...but your will to change your destiny is bigger than you are!!!

Go-on Tiger!
You can't decide on that with just knowing your sun signs. I believe too but more so in having charts done and then doing a comparison of the two. I did once and was totally amazed at the results. too cool!
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